Witzig Gallery specialises in Papua New Guinea contemporary art. These unique paintings, both traditional and imaginery show the way in which Papua Niuginian artists respond to their contemporary world.The contemporary PNG art movement has developed over the last 3o years resulting in many of the artists moving away from their customary villages and into urban environments. This shift has resulted in a departure from the tradtional art forms and a continuing exploration of new materials. The introduction of acrylic and oil paints has allowed new forms of creative expression to evolve and with the limitless source of of stories and inspiration for the artists. The first generation of contemporary artists have been succeeded by new generations, and the movement is following the Australian Aboriginal art in terms of growing international reputation and recognition.

The contemporary art movement in PNG had it’s early beginnings in the late 1960s. The first generation of contemporary PNG artists has been followed by succeeding generations, and the movement is following Australian Aboriginal art in terms of growing international reputation and recognition.

This situation seems likely to be repeated with major works by the best of the current generations of contemporary painters now exhibited in the Witzig Gallery. The contemporary art movement grew in Port Moresby  with many of the early generations of artists drawing upon their own unique and diverse cultural traditions to express their inherent creativity on paper and canvas. The body of work contains paintings of incredible power, cultural depth and diversity which will reward astute collectors with ongoing aesthetic stimulation and sound financial investment.

Buyers will also contribute substantially to the present welfare of the artists and their families; and ensure the continuing growth of this unique Oceanic art movement.

Paul and Marianne Witzig have an on-going committment to improving the wellbeing of PNG communities. Witzig Gallery contributes to assist PNG health and education projects throughout PNG, these projects consist of various community development planning and architectural services which are donated by Paul and Marianne. This process enables projects to get off the ground and obtain aid donor funding. Local communities then have an opportunity to build and improve their skills in various projects. Witzig Gallery also collects medical equipment donated by Australian hospitals which they transport to PNG to various clinics and hospitals. Education projects include elementary schools and primary education strategic plans, including donations of various items for schools.